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I offer traditional Disciplinary services for Men, Women, and Couples such as:

  • spanking
  • strapping
  • caning
  • whipping
  • corner time
  • mouth soaping
  • scolding
  • behavior modification plans
  • discipline plans
  • judicial style punishments
  • foot and leg worship
  • nt
  • single tail
  • tickling
  • trampling
  • psychological/hypno play
  • Robospanker

In addition to the above I also offer role play including:

  • Mother /Son/Stepson
  • Boss/employee
  • Corrections officer/prisoner
  • Judge/defendant
  • Teacher/student
  • Aunt/nephew
  • Governess/naughty charge
  • Strict Personal Trainer/unmotivated client
  • Nurse/ patient play

Novices are welcome as well as all orientations. Safewords are always used and all play is safe sane and consensual. If you cannot have marks, please tell me. The severity of the Discipline will always be tailored to your specific needs.

Let me know what your session interests are in your email and follow my contact instructions. Once we confirm your session needs and you are ready to book an appointment we can schedule a convenient date and time to talk. When we are on the phone be prepared with your calendar to schedule a mutually agreed upon session date and time.

I do not do outcall.

All Discipline is administered in the comfort of my very private and discreet playspace. Discretion is expected and assured. My playspace has a desk, spanking table with bolster, OTK spanking chair, comfortable couch and a spanking bench with a 10 point restraint system (if desired to be restrained) to take your medicine and a spanking post in front of full length mirror.

There is no nudity on my part and there is no sexual activity of any kind. You will be disrobed as needed for your correction.

My location is in New Jersey.


If you have an interest in having a session with additional like minded individuals, I have several options available for you to consider. I can provide a customized session which can include:

  • Additional Female Disciplinarian
  • Additional Female Submissive
  • Female Witness
  • Additional Male Disciplinarian
  • Male Submissive
  • Male Witness

Consider having a session with one or more of the above! Contact me for details.


I am now doing phone, iphone and Skype sessions. I can train you to self spank while I listen, watch and direct you with the implements of correction you have at home. Here is a sample of what a phone session would be like:

Travis, drop your pants and underpants to your ankles. Place your left hand palm down on the kitchen chair. Starting with your left cheek give yourself 20 well laid on spanks and then give the right cheek the same amount with the hairbrush………Hmmm…. I see that it seems the offending member needs to be disciplined as well. Go get the Tiger Balm…..