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Do you feel you have a need to be Disciplined? Have you done something that you feel you should be Punished for? You need to be held accountable and I will provide the necessary correction.

Do you repeat the same negative behavior over and over again? I will tailor a structured behavior modification program utilizing methods which will help you to learn your lesson. Do you ignore your exercise program or are just always making excuses to not start one? I will absolutely give you the Discipline where you will start and keep a routine without hesitation. Do you need help with stopping smoking or gambling? I can provide the necessary Discipline which you so richly deserve. I can be your coach because you need help making the right decisions.

I also provide role play spankings. Sometimes the need to be spanked is better expressed through role playing. Acting out via role playing facilitates the exchange of power through a medium which is comfortable to you and allows you to accept the Discipline you crave. If you are an unruly patient Nurse Terese will give you an extra special dose of my medicine on my examination table complete with stirrups. You will be asked many embarrassing questions and the “treatment” will be tailored to your specific needs. Ladies, if you want a male to Discipline you; I have a male Disciplinarian available to provide your necessary correction.

Judicial punishments are a specialty of mine. For your misdemeanors, you will receive a sentence which is commensurate with your infraction. I will be the Judge, the Jury and I will execute the punishment. You will have no say in how hard or how long or what instrument(s) will be used. The sentence will always be carried out in its entirety.  All sessions will be safe, sane and consensual.

I can also use computer generated spanking software to determine the severity, implements and number of spanks you may receive in any type of session. The computer will decide the severity based on the infraction and your rate of recidivism.